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Dove has recently been producing a lot of great campaigns for women, to challenge the traditional thoughts about beauty.  For their newest video, they went around the world and placed two signs ‘Average’ and “Beautiful’ over two entrances into various buildings. They then filmed as women approached and had to decide which entrance to go through.


Check out the video for yourself below:


I thought this was a powerful representation of the self-esteem struggles that women deal with on a daily basis. It was shocking to see how many women willingly chose the “Average’ entrance.  Society has placed such great importance on physical looks for women, that it has become a serious issue for many who feel like they don’t measure up to the set beauty standard.


This video showed how much of what we think of ourselves is a choice! It’s all a matter of perspective. So many of the women spoke about the negavtive feelings they had when they walked through the “average” entrance. We make choices like that everyday, not as blatant as that, but those choices have serious effects.  So why not choose beautiful?


I think a big factor for a lot of these women was worrying what others would think if they saw them walking through the “Beautiful” entrance.  Worried that others wouldn’t agree with their choice. Worried that others may think they didn’t belong there.


Own your beauty!


We think to ourselves, how dare I consider myself beautiful?


Own your greatness!


Well, I dare to consider myself Beautiful!


Have the audacity to be bold. Not everyone is going to love you. Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone is going to think you are beautiful. Someone will always have something to say. So why not love yourself? Why not choose to be your own number 1 supporter. How can we expect others to see our beauty if we don’t see it ourselves?


So the next time you come face to face with two entrances…. Average and Beautiful.

I hope you Choose Beautiful

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