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Yesterday was the 5 Year Anniversary of my mother’s death.


Thanks to an amazing group of friends, I had, for the most part, a very uplifting day.

May 4th is a day that will forever be etched in my mind. Usually when this day is approaching, to be quite honest I’m an emotional mess. But this year was different. I was sad, reflective and I missed her like crazy, but I was still functioning and performing. (My coach has come to know this time of year very well, because usually for a few days my practices are just a write off). I hate this time of year because it makes me remember my mother when she was sick, her fragile body and all the pain she experienced. I hate that those are some on my last memories with her. For the longest time, I’ve wanted to start a movement in honor of my mother’s life and the amazing woman she was. But because this holds such a special place in my heart I’ve been afraid – afraid of what emotions it would bring up, afraid of what others would think, afraid no one would read my posts, afraid I wouldn’t write great posts. After yesterday, I realized I’m finally in a place to start.

So let me introduce you to my mother: Glenna George.  An amazing mother of 3 children, a beautiful soft-spoken woman and a devote Christian. My mother had a very challenging life.  She had many struggles throughout her life and she carried those demons with her for a long time. For a good part of her life she lived the life that was expected of her. Until one day she decided enough is enough, and she took charge of her own happiness. She developed a mantra that I instantly fell in love with…


Free to Be


She started on a journey of becoming a better person, embracing and enjoying life.  I started to see changes in my mother that were amazing. She always exuded a quite strength, but I started to see a confidence and self-assurance in my little introverted mother.  A woman not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself.  While she learned to find her own happiness, she also became committed to helping others. Teaching me that living the life you want and an altruistic one don’t have to stand in opposition of each other, but rather can be intrinsically intertwined. In 2009 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and on May 4th 2010, my mother passed away. I think the journey she had started, allowed her to deal with her sickness, with a grace and strength that I stood in admiration of.  At the age of 50 she was finally starting to figure things out, but sadly her journey ended early.

So I’ve decided to take up the baton, and start this blog series in honour or my mother. I’m starting my own journey of being ‘ Free to Be’ and I would love it if you joined me. We are all constantly bombarded by messages from society telling us how to live and who to be. But I’d rather take the road less travelled…

Pretty much from birth we are told how we are suppose to act, who we are suppose to be, whats acceptable and whats not. The problem is we spend our lives trying to fit into these moulds that in all reality NO ONE fits into.


A life of trying to please everyone around us, while we lose ourselves.

A life of stress and unhappiness

My ultimate goal is to explore what it means to be ‘free to be’’.  I want to challenge myself  (and you guys) to live the life we truly want, while leaving a lasting positive effect on those around us. I want to confront the negative messages we’ve been taught from birth. I want to help people to find their passions and use it as a driving force. Check in often for challenges, tips, motivation, interesting stories and come along for the ride.


Ms. Glenna George, this is for you…

Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person, teaching me that’s its okay to go against the grain, to never settle for mediocrity and the importance of letting go to #BePhree


I love you

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  • Chris
    Posted on January 10, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Such a sweet tribute. I look forward to reading more.


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