Let’s Get Lifted: Under Armour HOVR Infinite Review

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As a runner, one of the things I love the most about running is its simplicity. There isn’t a whole bag of equipment that I need to get prepped prior. It’s basically just me and a pair of running shoes.


The shoes!


As simple as it may be, having the proper footwear can make or break your running experience. My feet sometimes acts like a picky two year old at the dinner table- rather selective about the things it likes. For the past two months I’ve had the pleasure of taking the Under Armor HOVR Infinite’s for a spin. I started using these beauties throughout my warmup, for all my tempo runs, my active recovery days and my cool downs.


First Impressions

Here’s the thing, you aren’t going to get me to pick up a running shoe if it isn’t aesthetically pleasing. It’s one of the first things I look for in a running shoe. Like looking for a partner, if the fireworks aren’t there we might as well keep it moving. And let me tell you it felt like 4th of July when I opened that shoebox for the first time. I love an all-white sneaker (but they also have a lot of other great color-ways). I generally like a running shoe to have clean lines and not look to0 bulky. The UA HOVR Infinite looks great, although it is a bit bulkier than I generally like. Slipping my feet in for the first time, felt like a Cinderella moment. It was a great fit. The shoe was created with a gender specific fit, so it has comfort and support right where women and men need it, based on anatomical differences. While it has a snug fit, it doesn’t feel too narrow. I hate when a running shoe feels like its cutting off my circulation, but you also don’t want your heel slipping out the back. Putting on the UA HOVR Infinite’s my feet felt secure, but I loved the fact that it still felt like my toes had space to move.  It has a padded shoe collar, and as someone who practically lives in ankle socks, this was a critical aspect, because I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about it cutting into my ankles mid run. Overall, it is a great looking shoe, with a comfortable fit that feels lightweight and breathable.



I’m an Olympic Athlete, so looking great is awesome but at the end of the day, results matter. So how did the UA HOVR Infinite measure up in training?

As a sprinter currently in competition season, the majority of my high intensity work that I’m currently doing is in spikes. But my warm-up is a crucial aspect to prepare me for my sprint work. While using the Infinite’s throughout my warmup, the first thing that immediately stood out is the cushioning. With every step my feet felt like they were being cradled by an imaginary cloud under it. Cushioning is probably the main thing I look for in running shoe. When you train 6 days a week ( or if you are a brave soul that runs for miles) the constant pounding can be difficult on your body. I like to have a running shoe that helps to eliminate that impact and the UA HOVR Infinite definitely checked that box. My warmup includes a jog, some sprint drills and buildup sprints- all in preparation of my sprint workout. My main goal throughout my warmup is to get my body ready to sprint, but also to do so in a manner that uses  just the right amount of energy. Energy leaks are the enemy of sprinters- when you are dealing with thousandths of a second every last detail matters. While wearing the UA HOVR Infinite I found I was able to get through my warm-up easier and more efficiently.  I felt more bouncy and more elastic. The UA HOVR foam does a great job of giving back the energy you put into every step.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (for those who were asleep during Grade 10 Science) – and the Infinitie’s help to conserve energy by giving you back more of what you put in. But more than just the science of things- a huge part of running is simply the mental battle. So having a shoe with a practical zero gravity feel makes everything feel easier and so mentally you feel like you can do more, go further, basically conquer the workout.

UA MapMyRun


The last feature that I think makes this a great running shoe is the fact that it has Bluetooth capabilities, with the ability to link to the UA MapMyRun app. Through the app, not only can you track your runs, you basically also get data- driven coaching. While wearing the shoes, it collect information on your pace, cadence, stride length and distance. It’s basically like having a coach and biomechanist in your pocket. One of the things I love about running is how quantitative it is. When you’re looking to improve or better yourself, its that much easier when there are clear numbers to help you. I specifically would also use this feature to help monitor how long I’ve been wearing the shoes and how much miles I’ve put on them. This would give me a clear idea of when I need to switch into a new pair.

Final Thoughts

It has been a pleasure training in the UA HOVR Infinite’s. They are an extremely comfortable shoe, with excellent cushioning that provides a great feel to help push yourself to new limits.

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